Frequently Asked Questions

About the application.

Q.01From when will a cancellation fee be applied?
A.01If you cancel from within 14 days of your reservation, we cannot refund your payment. Please understand that we will receive the full amount paid regardless of your reason for cancellation.
Q.02How early can a same day reservation be made?
A.02At the latest, you can ask about 2 hours before a banquet party begins. We will try our hardest to accommodate even last minute requests however because reservations may be full, we ask that you try to reserve as early as possible.
Q.03My secretary or cameraman will be coming along with me. Will they be counted as a participant of my experience?
A.03Yes, as long as they attend the experience, they will be counted as a participant, and will be added on to the number of persons joining the experience.
Q.04If I have eating preferences or allergies, can you accommodate me?
A.04Of course. Please provide us with the details of your preferences beforehand.

About our services

Q.05Can we meet a location other than our hotel?
A.05Yes, it's possible. If you would like to head straight to Kagai, we will provide you with a different meeting location.
Q.06Is there a dress code?
A.06It’s not possible to enter a tatami room with bare feet so please ensure that you are wearing socks or stockings. Also, very casual clothing such as t-shirts and shorts are not appropriate. Unless it is in the middle of summer, a suits jacket is preferred. Neckties are not necessary but collar shirts are appropriate (in other words “smart casual”).
Q.07It is possible to take pictures or video?
A.07Yes, it’s possible to take pictures with your own camera so please bring it.
Q.08I would like to entertain a guest from overseas. Is it possible to request interpreters for languages other than English?
A.08Yes. Other than the most frequently requested language, English, we can also accommodate French and Chinese. However to ensure that we can secure the appropriate interpreter for you, please send us an enquiry as soon as possible.
Q.09Is there any basic etiquette I should be aware of?
A.09Please don’t touch the Maiko or Geiko, pull on their clothing, touch furnishings without permission, behave in a reckless manner which may break something,, use foul language etc...
It would be very unfortunate but in the event that these occur, even if in the middle of the event, we will be asked to leave.
Q.10Is it possible to change the time of the A or B course, or extend the total time?
A.10In the case that you would like to arrange the details of the A or B course, we can accommodate your needs with our custom-made course. Please consider the estimate that we will send you after receiving the details.